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Oct 23, 2007 OFFSHORE RADIO JINGLES OF RADIO ENGLAND IN THE 60'S.In the examples below, the Radio England jingles have been tailored specifically for the station's own use. The others are in their 'raw' state ready for modification or as ready to use 'off the shelf' items. Swinging Radio England (with thanks to the generosity of Ray Robinson in providing much of the Radio England content) radio england jingles

That Radio England was ultimately unsuccessful is of course history, certainly the US style clashed with mainstream British culture, in a way Radio London had managed to avoid. But the jingles were classic Americana, and certainly fuelled my interest in US Radio, helping me to understand,

The overall sound of the station was unashamedly 60's Pirate based, most noteably using many of the jingles made famous by the 60's Offshore radio station: Radio London. . Pams Jingles are world renowned, and Viking Gold rekindled those heady days of the mid 60's, with a mix of great tunes, and personality jocks. Jingles or station Id's are short items of music sung with the name of the radio station you are listening to. It's been discovered that a musical message is often more memorable than a spoken one. Jingles are also production elements which help the overall flow of the radio station and isradio england jingles The first JAM radio ID jingle was broadcast on Piccadilly Radio in December 1975, the Dallas singers sang 261 PICCADILLY STEREO 97 they also had a jingle for Steve England from the Dimension Two package which sang THE STEVE ENGLAND SHOW ON PICCADILLY RADIO

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