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2019-10-17 18:25

Caribbean MOKE is the only authorised distributor for MOKE INTERNATIONAL in the Caribbean. We are based in St Barth but have dealers throughout the Caribbean. We are based in St Barth but have dealers throughout the Caribbean.THE AUSTIN MINI MOKE. Based on the original Make, but without doors and many optional extras, the Austin Mini More was marketed in the UK as a utilitarian vehicle. 20 years later, Moke International brings back the iconic vehicle. Internationally recognized British Designer Michael Young completely redesigned and reengineered the More for mini moke international

Designed in the late 1950's by the Austin Mini father Alec Issigonis the Mini Moke became an icon on the. Moke International LTD Unit 3, Stables Courtyard, Wingrave Road, Aston Abbotts, Aylesbury HP22 4LU Buckinghamshire 33 (0) 680 87 57 79. CONTACT. THE PRODUCTS Moke International

Moke International, Aston Abbotts Buckinghamshire. 47, 006 likes 10 talking about this. Lets have some fun! GARAGE MORRIS Classic MINI. Automotive Parts Store. The Mini Works. Automotive Restoration Service. Nosmoke. Cars. The NEW MOKE in Norfolk, Australia! ! Thank you World of Wanderlust for sharing the story. Great Video! ! ! ! The Mini Moke is a vehicle based on the Mini designed for the British Motor Corporation (BMC) by Sir Alec Issigonis and John Sheppard. The name comes from Mini , the car with which the Moke shares many parts, and Moke , an archaic dialect term for donkey .mini moke international The Classic Moke is the result of a collaboration between Melbournebased Moke International, Chinese car maker Chery Motors and subsidiary Sicar Engineering, and will see the nameplate return to the market 50 years after the introduction of the original Minibased beach buggy.

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Come share with us 50 years of our brands history and be part of the new MOKE generation! mini moke international TR MOTORS is the only authorised distributor and dealer for MOKE INTERNATIONAL in the UAE. We are based in Dubai. Completely Redesigned. The New Moke has been completely redesigned from the ground up. Maintaining its classic style it has been improved and brought up to modern day standards. The Moke is back. Relive your youth with this BritishCaribbean classic. Plug in and go green with the only electric Moke in America. Moke America is street legal, easy to charge and comes in 8 fun colors.

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