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Playing as a detective in L. A Noire, there are a number of vehicles that are featured in the game and many of them can be used in various cases. Following vehicles are featured in the gameJul 27, 2015 Le combat le plus EPIQUE de tous les temps! ! ! Vodka, Magie Noire et Arts martiaux! la noire international kb8 2 location

The International KB8 (Polar Bear Ice Truck) is service class vehicle available in L. A. Noire. It is identifiable as a 1947 model. Location. The truck can be found in the parking lot of the Polar Bear Ice Company on the West end of Hawthorn Ave in West Hollywood on the corner with La Brea Ave. . Trivia. There are several International KB8 trucks branded with the Polar Bear Ice Company's logo

Aug 26, 2012 L. A. Noire International KB8 Polar Bear Ice Truck Tiabhal86. How to find the International KB8 Polar Bear Truck in Free Roaming. L. A. Noire Hollywoodland Pt 2 LA Noire: International KB8 2. Page Discussion Edit History. More What links here; Related changes 1 Type; 2 Year; 3 Power; 4 Top Speed; 5 Possible locations; Type. Service (1819) Year. 1946 Power. 100HP Top Speed. 80MPH Categories: LA Noire Service Vehicles; LA Noire Cars; LA Noire; Type Year Power Top Speed Possible locationsla noire international kb8 2 location International KB8, a Service Vehicle from game L. A. Noire The International KB8 is a Service Vehicle in L. A. Noire Seen in game as a blue Polar Bear Ice Truck (Polar Bear Ice Company).

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L. A. Noire Strategy Guide for Trophies, Achievements, Walkthroughs and all Collectible Locations. International KB8 (Downtown) lot at Hawthorn and La Brea in Hollywood 2. Chevrolet Pickup (Westlake) next to Schroeders apartment during Upon Reflection 3. Chevrolet Van (Westlake) that lot to the east of the bloody door again la noire international kb8 2 location I believe your referencing Service Car# 1, I need Service Car# 18. IIRC Service Car# 18 is a 2nd Version of Service Car# 1 I've checked the Polar Bear Company Parking Lot anyway on each of the different Free Roam Versions. (Traffic, Homicide, Vice, and Arson) I've even checked the Vice Case that deals with the Polar Bear Company. Still no International KB8. Jun 05, 2011 LA Noire Vehicle Locations Guide: This is a video about finding the International KB8 2 in the Street Crime Hot Property in LA Noire. Thanks, KryptoniteDragon. Game L. A. Noire; May 28, 2011 L. A Noire Vehicle Locations Guide and Help Thread (wpictures) Auto Fanatic 18. International KB8 2 (Service 1819) This is the version where the back box trailer section is white in color. It's easily found by starting the Street Crime Hot Property under the Arson Desk. auto fanatic trophy, la noire gameplay videos, la noire International KB8 is a service class vehicle available in L. A. Noire. It is identifiable as a 1946 model. Locations. The vehicle can be found in Westlake, the Warehouse District and Boyle Heights. It can also be found during the Arson street crime case Hot Property. The suspect will crash into a KB8

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