International mcdonald's menu items

2020-01-23 20:01

Our list of unusual McDonald's menu items spans the globe and the palette. Take a global tour with 10 unusual items from McDonald's International menu. 10 Unusual Items from McDonald's International Menu. by Susan L. Nasr START COUNTDOWN NEXT. Start the Countdown travel around the world with us through a list of local foods on theBringing international McDonalds menus to America. CabreraBentancourts restaurants are part of a pilot program McDonalds started this month called Flavors from Abroad, where menu items from around the world will be available at stateside locations for a limited time. international mcdonald's menu items

List of international McDonald's menu items you won't find in the U. S. This list includes weird, delicious, gross, and unusual McDonald's menu items from all around the world. If you have traveled internationally and visited a McDonald's abroad, you may have noted that while some of the menu items in McDonald's in other countries are similar to U. S. items, there are many McDonald's items that

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