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On December 18th, 1986, James Lofton was at a Green Bay singles bar called The Top Shelf even though he was married and a father. He and a woman not named Beverly Lofton (his wife) made their way to an elevator, but thats when the woman insisted Lofton instead forced her into a stairwellOct 14, 2018 No, James Lofton is not Kaepernick father, they really need to do a DNA test according to facial analysis this man is not his father but that woman is his mother, she lied! ! ! ! ! Rollback Post to Revision RollBack is james lofton colin kaepernick dad

Colin Kaepernick's biological mother tries to forge relationship with the 49ers star quarterback she gave up as unwed teenager Heidi Russo, 44, gave her son up for adoption in Wisconsin in 1987

No, James Lofton is not Kaepernick father, they really need to do a DNA test according. 2016. 11. 15. Of course, Kaepernick was adopted at birth, but his biological father is black and his biological mother is white. Somehow, this all confused. Colin Kaepernick's biological mother is identified as Heidi Russo. At the time of his birth, she was only 19 years old and his biological father had fled the minute. 2017. 6. 6. Colin Kaepernick's dad Become a great . Last June, a man arrived at the Kaepernicks' house in Modesto, Calif. , and introduced himself as Colin's birth father. He is not, and the Kaepernicks obtained a restraining order against him. One woman wrote a letter claiming that she is Colin's birthis james lofton colin kaepernick dad Is Colin Kaepernick James Loftons Son? The Daily Upper Decker. Colin Kaepernick Celebrity Gossip Sons My Son Guys Boys Clam. More information. Saved by. Denise Huntington. Similar ideas and leaned on his brother after death of his father Aaron Hernandez, best thing at the super bowl.

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Lofton's cousin, Kevin Bass, was a Major League Baseball player. [8 In October 1984, a dancer at the Marquee Club in Milwaukee accused James Lofton and his Packers teammate Eddie Lee Ivery of is james lofton colin kaepernick dad James Lofton Colin Kaepernick Father Nov 8, 2017 In telling the story of her father, who was a halfback with the Green Bay wide receiver James Lofton who was coached by Lew Carpenter. And now, true to form, he's coming out against Colin Kaepernick's anthem protests.

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